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Brenda Pope
Christopher Jordan Pope
November 10 1990 - June 16 2003

Chris was my baby; He was born 2 months premature and only weighted 2.12 lbs. He had a rough start but we made it he was a fighter from day one. He had some problems until he turned about 2 years old and then from that day on there was no turning back he was making up for lost time, he was determined that he was as big as his big brother. I thought we had went through a life time of worry when he was born, I never dreamed what was to come but Chris made it easier for us through his example. Chris was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor Medulloblastoma on Sept. 8, 2001. He endured 30 radiation 16 Chemo treatments. We finished chemo Nov. 1, 2002 and within 6 weeks it was back. He was such an example of courage to everyone around him He was such a gift, the most beautiful child and I am so glad I got to be his mom. He taught me so much in his short life but above all he taught me how to die, even though he knew that there was nothing else they could do, he lived his life as if he were well, he knew that God could heal him in spite of medicine and he knew he had a plan. I know youíre in a different place right now, and though we are apart, I will always carry your memories, which now live, inside my heart. You are truly healed, no more pain or suffering, you are in the most beautiful place and I promise I will never forget you and I will live my life so I will see you again one day. We love you very very very much.


Christopher and His dog whiskey, he loved whiskey so much and whiskey knew when Chris was sick. Whiskey was a very hyper dog, but when Chris went out to feed or pet him Whiskey sensed Chris's sickness I guess, because he never jumped on him he would let him pet him without running in circles. About a month after Christopher died Whiskey got ran over in front of our house. We buried Whiskey on Chris's go-cart trail with one of Chris Heart Signs by his grave.


Chris and his brother John, we went to Florida in February 2003, before Chris died. John's Valedictorian Speech May 2003 You have seen troubles none of us understand We have shared the laughter and pain Your life has made each one of us better You are no stranger to the rain The first two years of your life were hard It was a constant time of worry and fear But the fight was well worth the trouble Because we got to keep you here You grew the next eight years We fought so much and I tried to turn you into a man You were always hanging by my side Keeping up the best you can You never were one to get into trouble I tried to persuade you into so many things You always stayed behind because What would momma think? It wasnít until you played sports That I saw the passion you had inside The way you were a fighter A will to overcome that would never die

Who knew what the next two years would bring Life seemed to hold so much then When we were all devastated by the sickness You just thought it was another competition to win You showed us all true courage You never shed a tear for anyone to see And all the times I would have never thought it possible You made a man out of me I look at life so different now And I get worried about being alone But you will always be there hanging on my side Until the angels decide to take me home You have been the influence of my life The one who could actually understand me And I canít wait to play, fight and talk to you For all eternity


Chris was so afraid at first and didn't want to do chemo at all most especially if he couldn't play basketball, he pleaded with his doctors and once she give in he was fine. He played both his 5th grade and 6th grade year, yes while doing 12 months of Chemo. He is my HERO. He never wanted to be different He always done the drills like everyone else. Even when he could barely run, he did all of the drills, it may have took him a little longer but he did them.





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